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Wandering Antarctica.


Diario GTP – Torres del Paine Guides Journal.-

Dic, 2012 – Patagonia.                             

Sir Ranunlph Fiennes, the last Antarctic explorer, British, 68 years old, will be in Antarctica in 2013, as the head of an expedition with the objective to cross the continent … WALKING during the austral winter ¡¡¡¡
The Expedition will stay 6 months on the “White Continent”,  a challenge for humans limits against the eternal night and the mortal cold … Starting in England, December 2012 (NOW), they will come to Patagonia and South Pacific, touching Antarctica in March 21 of next year … the first winter day there ¡¡¡
Fiennes say´s ” 25 years ago we considered this expedition, but we figurated that it was impossible …”
This uncommon unknown explorer and his team, will use the trip to recover information of Antarctic’s ice layer and impacts of Global Warming in the South Pole”.

Journal GTP.-

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