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It will be call officially Mount “Chaltén”

It will be call officially Mount “Chaltén”



The mount Fitz Roy could stop having that name in a officially way, since, many people call it Chalten. This i show the Tehuelches. There is a Project in the parliament driven by the executive administration.


Already it is called by this name , but in the official cartography it appears as “Mount Fitz Roy”. The Argentinian Senator, Fredy” Martínez, said “the wants to accomplish the National Constitution, by recognizing the ethnic and cultural pre-existance of the indigeneous people, respecting the original name of the mount, which was given by them”.


The Project shows that Chalten was the name given by the Tehuelches, later the expert Francisco Pascasio Moreno, during his expedition of borders in 1877,named Fitz Roy, in honor at the captain who accompany  Charles Darwin in his expedition through the Patagonia.


Chaltén, in the Aonikenk tongue means mountain made of smoke, since they thought it was a volcano. The mount is sacred for the original people, and occupies a central space for their cosmogony.


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