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There is a place called Patagonia


There is a place called Patagonia
Goreux Felipe Valley native from a place surranded by concrete towers and brown rivers, , Santiago de Chile, the towers here reach 80 meters high and live the most stressed animal in the world, us. The only way of living here is getting out of the city to the the Andes, where you can reach heights over 5000 meters in a couple of days and see the highest peak of this range the Aconcagua, the funny thing  is in this world near Santiago are heard more carefully legend stories like a place called Patagonia and its icon was the Torres del Paine, vertical towers exceeding 2000 meters above sea level, a prehistoric site where for thousands of years sea and ice have shaped valleys and now today the wind is polishing and shining in the world.

My fellow climber have a problem with the height, preferred to go to New Zealand where he told me that the mountains were lower but more technical than in Chile.

Andes mountain expedition companie hired me to go to Patagonia!

Cause some of us born with the pleasure of discovering the latest legendsI  went to work to Torres del Pain.


The immensity
I was so excited and yet so balanced in the vastness of Patagonia, strange effect unique in the world, probably the only place in the world where something might feel the need to see everything in a place where it is clearly impossible. The owner of the companie ask who wants go with me to leave 40 bags of equipment in truck across the park? Just at the minute we were done a very long day, a day of snow, sun, rain and wind in Patagonia, so a normal day, I felt the need to offer me, why not? Knowing the park, but for respect for those who belonged to the company before me and they also was for first time in the Park, I deside to keep quiet until I realized that no one wanted to go, so I said “I”, for some it was probably an act of cowardice will be exploited at work, but like any act of courage pays off, I became the the manager of Andes mountain expedition in Patagonia, which led me to explore the ice fields, Mount Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre, knowing the most hidden places like the Bader valley, looking up from the Cuerno principal Mountain and so enjoy as much as I like the world of the Alps, the Himalayas, New Zealand, the Andes, so far …


My best achievement?
It was the creation of a master plan. Which I share with you, perhaps you can put into practice near your home. As Patagonia gives you everything, friendship quality, lots of food and spiritual wealth, attracts many women traveling alone for some reason, according to me, because at the end of a long relation ship, sounds good to take a trip to think, but it sounds bad if you say to the Caribbean, for obvious reasons, however Patagonia “A vast and lonely spiritual place ” mmm lonley? I felt always accompanied, perhaps in the city there are more people, but here people have more time.


The circuit starts to Seron camp site, a gentle walk, but heavy cause you carry food that you will use the next few days, a lovely walk, as it is the perfect practice for what comes, just a couple of hours about 4 or 6 relaxed.

At camp you will meet people if you’re lucky you’ll see the entire circuit, then comes a sense of ownership in the most romantic place I’ve ever been in my life,cause is extreme and lovely, so as any warm-blooded animal looking for your partner, then everyone starts the ritual, but nobody wants to choose the first day someone will be with the next 5 days at least and could ruin the whole trip, that’s why while the other mans ran by the girls arming them tents, cooked them, I on the other hand took a shower, did not speak with anyone, I only cared to enjoy, meet the people who live there, get the benefit of being alone and free, create my need, enjoy the time.

The second day you will go to Dickson, a long walk, 22 kilometers, up and down, through a valley that runs along the border with Argentina, into a Lake Dickson with a breathtaking glacier, with a mountain embraced by the glacier, a monster. I always remembered my friend who was in New Zealand because there were more technical mountains there, Could be something more technical?. In this camp while the mens are flying arming all the tents of my prey, giving her chocolates and ccooking for them, while I showered and appreciated the time for me and my friends, thanking those MATES patagonian drinks and I hurried by anything olny  into one of these gifts I received from tourists going back the other way backwards to ours, that case you have a short time so I attack direct and precise, if there is no other way, do not waste time, as a great teacher said “it is better to ask apologize than permission ” . Or the phrase that always motivated me “Felipe, maybe you will not have all the women you want, but try”

Next day to Camp Perros, ufff those days, crossing rivers, ancient forests, lakes and glaciers spotting and starting to climb. magnificent

There is my first introduction to the prospectus, which have always wondered why? If all the mens are on me why he didn´t look me? only then I go, thanks to the fear of climbing the next day over Gardner Pass every one  ask me after climbing many times, how, I try to make sure they get to Grey camp site  cause if they deside to stop in Paso campsite which I did not use, I will have lost a percentage of prospects, I always go direct to GREY UFFF!!!Grey goods memories, a sandy beach on a Lake in a beautiful forest, in front of the glacier, a unique place. Here I explain publicly that they have to get up at dawn, path starts climbing strong, stand 15 minutes to take off some clothes, because it will melt, eat well at breakfast not to stop at least a couple of hours after eating calories and Little porcions, to step up Gardner pass, from the summit will see the vastness, see one of the doors of the southern ice fields, the Grey Glacier in full, and Zapata and Pingo, take that strength, strength to walk five more hours and reach moto GREY campsite, because if they stay in Paso will not have bathrooms, and spend cold nigth, remember the pain passes, reaching Grey will stay forever in your soul.

The next day was the most cool person in the world no more longer distant with them, was like all women deserve, filled with flowers for their beauty, respect for their efforts and gave them all the chocolates that I had not shared with anyone because that was the time, when no one else had. Ones in Grey camp all I had to do was watch and wait, if at some point all the tired girls because for the first time in his life walked for 10 hours with a backpack, it is inevitable that at some point they touch with thems hands neck and shoulders and that’s when no matter where you stand, you have to cross that’s what it takes and get to put your hands firmly on his shoulders and massage, until then you can still fail, attentive “undoubtedly will ask if you can do massages, and you just will offer a massage, no woman in the world is able to say no, invite her to your tent, which can not be denied is like putting bread crumbs on a cardboard box with a stick tied to a thread, just can not resist a massage, until then you have not won, you have to go against everything you studied and enter first in the tend, and you have to have your hands full of oil ones she get inside, thus it means she have to take off their clothes, otherwise you will end massaging a dead body dress into your tent, until then you have not succeeded, attentive!, you have to put on his buttocks, well seated properly, cause you are not thinking to make love to her, you’re going to massage, you are the best massageist in the world and you do it gently but firmly force and that is using your back, remember that you too have walked 10 hours with a backpack, if you put aside sore end up doing a massage too soft, it will be bad for you and for her, you have to be on top. And now you’ve win the end of this is imminent, there are only two alternatives, you have to get close to her neck, that’s enough or what I called as the triumph of the fisherman, when trout fight and oppose to be capture, ones surrender the trout shows you his belly!

The next day you’re in love, you will be another person walking in the park, you’re happy, you go to see the glacier from above again and descend gently into Lake Pehoe, a turquoise lake, infront of the CUERNOS DEL PAINE , and the French valley entrance, wich you will be walking the next day.

Up the valley you approach the imposing Paine Grande mountain avalanches loosing every 30 minutes, a contact with the divinities that exist there is a valley surrounded by greatness, granitic rocks wich exceeding 2000 meters from the sea level. Then continuing along Lake Nordenjold, reaching the base of Cuernos del Paine mountains, with lush beauty and harmony, a place full of natural Japanese gardens.

And the next day Continuous going up the Ascencio Valley and meet the famous Torres del Paine, and you can present your beloved woman fruit of a well-crafted plan!!!

I have retired, now I am a happily married man, I have a beautiful daughter and I’m on the second that this incubating. I decided not to return to Santiago and stay at the gates of a road leading to Patagonia, I’m in the Reloncaví Estuary where Autral route starts, we have created a community around sustainable development, immersed in one of the places with more biomass in Chile, surrounded by lakes and rivers much forest, ancient trees with more than 4000 years old, freshwater. In front of one of the richest seas in the Pacific, where we enjoyed the day and we welcome anyone interested in visiting, surrounded by southern sea lions and dolphins, orcas and whales within a chilota mythology and mythology that we are just discovering and writing, a place where new legends are being written to those who born to discover new legends…

I wish you a safe journey and good hunting …

Goreux Felipe

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