"Information about Torres del Paine and Patagonia (Chile and Argentina)"
Cities of Tierra del Fuego

How to get there

By Car
From Argentina: the most direct way is to take National Route 3, that starts in Buenos Aires. It is fully paved up to the Strait of Magellan. Before crossing the border between Argentina and Chile, through the Integracion Austral border  with Chile, you can drive  43paved kilometers on National Route No. 255 (Chile) to the junction of National Route No. 257 (Chile), which leads to Punta Delgada (15 paved km.). At this point, also  known as Primera Angostura, you enter the ferry with the vehicle in order to cross the Strait of Magellan for about 20 minutes and disembark at Azul Bay, on the coast of the Chilean territory of Tierra del Fuego.It is recommended to check the crossing schedules of the  ferry because sometimes there are service interruptions due to low tidesin the Strait of Magellan. From Azul bay, you have to drive about 30 paved km.to the town of Cerro Sombrero, where you can find a gas station, and about 120 unpaved km. until the border crossing of San Sebastian, where you re-enter Argentina. In this section of the route you must drive with caution because it is narrow path made on gravel,with a low upkeep.

From Punta Arenas, Chile, take National Highways No. 255 and 257 (paved), that cover a total of 183 km. to Primera Angostura. There, the route continues as from Rio Gallegos. If you want to make a longer crossing, go to the pier of Austral Broom in the city of Punta Arenas and take the ferry that takes you to Puerto Porvenir (Chile). In this case, the crossing takes about two hours. From there, the route Y-71 (unpaved) goes along the island from west to east and reaches the border crossing San Sebastian  after traveling about 150 km.


By Bus
From North of Argentina, bus services arrive from National Route N º 3 from different cities of Argentina to Rio Gallegos. You have to be prepared for long stretches with few stops, but you can also arrange the trip with defined stops to fit every traveler. After that, you must board the ferry crossing the Strait of Magellan.

From Punta Arenas, Chile, most of bus services take the National Highway No. 255 and 257 to get to Punta Delgada, where you also take the same ferry across the Strait of Magellan and joins the same buses that come from Rio Gallegos.

From Porvenir, Chile, you have to take Seconday Secondary Y-71 (unpaved), thus crossing the island from west to east. After traveling about 150 km.you reach the border crossing San Sebastián.


By plane
There are the option to take one of the daily flights in the International Airport Gob. Ramon Trejo Noel from Rio Grande that is located 5 km northwest of the city center.