"Information about Torres del Paine and Patagonia (Chile and Argentina)"
Cities of Tierra del Fuego

Main Attractions

Virginia Choquintel Museum:
Named after a descendant of the Selknam people, it contains varied information about the site’s history: industries, elements and documents of the contemporary history. It also has areas devoted to wildlife apart from an art room, a small theater that shows historical documentaries and a rich library of literature based on Tierra del  Fuego. It opened in 1992 and it is located on the 555 Alberdi street.

Monsignor Fagnano Regional Museum: It is located in the Salesian Mission. It preserves the history of the founding of the Order of Don Bosco until the founding of the Mission Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria. It also has anthropological material of  native ethnic groups, such as the Onas and Yamanes.

The historic buildings that were declared a National Historic Landmark are: The Chapel, founded in in 1899; the bedroom for native people and  the house for girls, run by the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians that belonged to the Salesian Mission; The Salesian Mission Cemetery; the former CAP cold storage facility and the shearing shed at Estancia María Behety


Other historic sites
The suspension bridge over the Rio Grande, near Cerro del Aguila, dating from 1918. The construction was asked by pioneer rancher Jose Maria Menendez Menendez. The bridge served as a union between both sides of the river, since on the south bank was the cold storage faciliy in which it was slaughtered all the sheep production of those farms. In August 2011 it was damaged by a severe storm.

CAP complex, on the south bank of the Rio Grande, whose first installations date from 1908, when the pioneers Braun and Menendez installed the first cold storage facility. In 1941 it would be purchased by the Corporation of Argentinian Producers  (CAP). It worked completely  well until the 70 `s. From the primitive pier , several units of the fleet of ships from the John Peisci Company, baptized as “Lucho” moved meat shipments into the so-called “buques caponeros” (meat ships) that waited in the open sea to continue their way to Europe where the product was sold.

Old Peace Court of Magistrates, a typical Patagonian building whose architecture dates from the early twentieth century. It is located on San Martin avenue between Espora and 9 de Julio streets.

La Querencia steakhouse is a typical residential home from the early twentieth century, at the intersection of Moyano and Espora streets, declared part of the town heritage in 1990.


Festivals and events
March: Shepherd’s Festival (Festival del Ovejero): There are demonstrations of rural skills of shepherds and their dogs, in managing flocks of sheep. It is presented since 1979 in the surroundings of the city, in Estancia El Roble.

Rural Exposition, that is held in facilities of the Rural Society of Tierra del Fuego, at the property called “Black Sheep”, at the south area of Rio Grande.

April: Back to Tierra del Fuego: It is a motorbikes and quads race that joins the town of Rio Grande and Ushuaia from 1984.

August: “Great Prize of the Argentine-Chilean Brotherhood”(Grand Premio de la Hermandad): It is a rally held since 1974 joining Rio Grande with the Chilean city of Puerto Porvenir.

October: Festival of Birds.

November: Tradition Festival and Fiesta de la Candelaria in Salesian Mission.There is also a nautical raid, that includes rowing down on canoes and kayaks from Lago Blanco by the Grande river. Also from 2011, it is celebrated the National Day of Trout, as it is  celebrated in the provinces of Neuquén, Chubut and Santa Cruz.

December: It is held the National Fly Fishing meeting and sea bass party.

Main Attractions
Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia, Argentina Viviana Bauk

Ruta Río Grande

Main Attractions
Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia, Argentina Viviana Bauk

Café Roca, un clásico